Cloud and connectivity


We apply AI to ensure a meaningful and lasting contribution to the well-being of society. Air quality sensors to monitor the accuracy of our forecasts. People Flow services making life smoother and more safe.


Multiple points connected

AI to forecast air pollution

MegaSense scientists use AI (Artificial Intelligence) models to forecast air pollution, leveraging advanced data analytics and machine learning techniques. We develop models to to improve GO2 predictions of air pollution by analysing various environmental, meteorological, and anthropogenic factors.



Air Quality Monitors

MegaSense advanced air quality monitors are available to validate the MegaSense AI models. MegaSense devices measure all major pollutants, and connect to smartphone and WIFI enabling easy and accurate monitoring.

Untangling People flow

Stack of paperwork

Smooth and efficient navigation

MegaSense is part of the Untangling People Flow consortium. We are modelling traffic emissions and promoting sustainable transport for a smarter built environment. Wayfinding in crowded spaces and improving indoor air quality. Making public events and gatherings safer with temporary Air Quality Impact analytics.